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Free Installation

Would you rather have a professional install the blinds for you? Enter your zip code to find local installers and professionals in your area.

Note: Professional installation is provided by Service Magic and the local professional of your choosing. Each professional is independently owned and operated and not affiliated with Blinds Chalet. Any labor/warranty issues are between you and the professional.

Curtain Dubai makes it easy for every Do-it-Yourself to install their new blinds, shades or sliding panels in no time at all. No matter what you choose, Curtain Dubai provides step-by-step installation instructions to walk you through the entire process, so there’s absolutely no guesswork and no hassle.

Horizontal Blinds:

Motorization blinds:

» Classic Aluminum blinds
» Softlook and Micro
» 1″ Vinyl horizontal blinds
» Horizontal 2 in. blinds
» Honeycomb, Pleated & Roman Shades
» Gallery Horizontal Sheers, Woven Wood & Roller Shades

Cellular shades:

Roller, Woven wood and Serenity shades:

» Cellular and Pleated shades
» Cordless and Smartlift cellular shades
» Arch cellular shades
» Skylights
» Roller shades
» Serenity shades
» Woven Wood shades

Vertical blinds:

Panel tracks:

» Vertical blinds » Panel tracks

Wood and faux wood blinds:


» Wood and Faux wood blinds » Valances
» Valances for Fabric and Woven shade

We do everything we can to make sure that selecting, buying and installing your new blinds is as easy as possible for you. Our wide selection of products makes it simple for you to find great window treatments that complement your home’s décor, and our low prices make home remodeling easier on your budget. In addition to these great services, we are also constantly updating our site with new tips and ideas for your window treatment experience. Whether you want to install blinds or need help making the right measurements before you order, our website has the information you need to do it.

We understand that people have different learning styles when it comes to doing something new. That’s why we’ve put our instructions for how to install window blinds both in video and written formats. For those of you who learn best by reading the information, you can quickly find the written instructions for DIY blind installation on the page of the product you want to purchase.

If you prefer to be taught through visual examples, just click on one of the blinds installation video links to watch a step-by-step tutorial. If you have any questions about our instructions on how to install window blinds or shades, please give us a call at +971 4 3511660 / +971 50 2371704. One of our knowledgeable team members will be able to answer your questions and can help guide you throughout your blinds installation process.